Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy

About Us

The colleagues who participated in the whole process of NAD Therapy.
For this I am sincerely thankful.

Senior Medical Consultants: Prof John P Cleary (Wiscon Madison University), Dr Abram Hoffer, (
MD PhD FRCP(C) Victoria, British Columbia, Honoured by the Institute for Functional Medicine as
one of the top 5 pioneers of new medicine for the 21st Century), Dr Stella Verster (psychiatrist),Dr
Sterna Franzsen, Dr Nonno Bakker (psychiatrist)

Medical Consultants: Dr Ockie van Wyk, Dr Petrus Retief, Dr Bernard van Heerden, Dr Fred van
der Riet, Dr K Engela, Dr Frits Steyn, Dr Hendrik van Wyk, Dr Cas Breedt, Dr Nelis Marais, Dr Anton
Botha, Dr Alida Wolfaard, Dr Tanja Redelinghuys, Dr L van Heerden, Dr George Coetzee, Dr Martie Brits, Dr Thys Pienaar, Dr Du Toit van

Behavioural-genetic and Biochemical Consultant: Dr Henry Davis

Pastoral Consultants: Dr Vorster Combrink and Ina Jordaan

Nursing Consultants: Sister Corrie Boy, Sister Anita van der Merwe, Sister Marie Visser and Sister
Magda Grobler, Sister Bertha Strydom, Sister Marieta Pretorius

Dietary Consultants: Corné van Zyl and Elsabet Scholtz, Ina Vosloo

Psychlogical Consultants: Koos Fourie, Len Kok and Marita van der Riet

Social Worker: Lize-nari Schoeman

Life coach: Johan Eloff

Homeopathic Consultant: Dr Johan Oberholzer, Dr Thys Pienaar

Pharmaceutical Consultant: Tuanette de Beer

The Following people also participate by telling their stories either as professional consultants at the
clinic or as patients.

Jaques Botha is a general practitioner who practised medicine in an urban area
Corrie Boy is a private practitioner at the clinic and is responsible for the nursing procedures
Leon Brand is the minister of an urban congregation who has encountered problems with alcohol.
Michiel Burger is a former minister of religion who currently has his own business
In-Jung Choe is a postgraduate who experienced problems. He is currently a successful
Karel Cilliers is a successful businessman in his late fifties using the methods of treatment upon
which Alkogen is based.
Vorster Combrink is a minister of religion who is also involved in pastoral counselling.
Andre Conradie is a matriculant and a talented musician.
George du Toit is an industrial manager at a large corporate company.
Koos Engela is a general medical practitioner who worked in the psychiatric section of the largest
military hospital in South Africa for five years. Practitioner at the Alkogen Clinic
Hilda Greyvenstein is a student
Dries Joubert is a university graduate and a successful businessman with various interests and is
actively involved in the motivation and aftercare of other patients.
Marie Krige has suffered from asthma for many years and had to stop working for medical reasons.
Karen Le Roux is a professional practitioner with a post graduate qualification and an extensive
Selma Maree is a senior manager with a large company in an urban area. She made the story of her
fight for her son's rehabilitation available during her first visit to Alkogen.
Gavin Mikonos is the co-owner of a computer company and is a part-time musician.
Amanda Nelson is a qualified psychiatric nursing sister who is professionally interested in the
methods used at Alkogen who is also prepared to share her personal experience with others.
Dr Nelson (snr) is a retired surgeon who, in spite of his age, is still interested in new interventions.
Mrs Nelson is the second wife of Dr Nelson (snr) and she could evaluate the change in her
Waldo Nelson is a general practitioner and son of Dr Nelson (snr) and was prepared to offer the
best treatment available for his aged father and to share the outcome with others.
Bobby Nortje is the co-owner of a multimillion rand business
Rosette Olivier is the mother of three and recently lost her husband in a motorcar accident.
Sandra Potgieter is a mother with empathy for people.
Wessel Potgieter is a foreman who has worked hard to provide his family with the best.
Denise Pretorius is a nursing sister who is very involved with her family.
Philip Pretorius is the managing director of a large countrywide organisation.
Gilbert Ramsey is a high school senior with an artistic talent
Rosa Slabbert is a working mother and as a wife suffers under her husband’s buying addiction.
Norman Spencer is a retired businessman who until recently was a soccer referee.
Wilhelm Stander is a retired mainframe computer programmer who is now a goldsmith.
Lerinda Steyn is a journalist who is interested in the social sciences and writes articles on the help
that is available for people with problems.
Rocco van Rooyen is a successful businessman and is actively involved in the motivation and
aftercare of other patients.
Maria Venter is a social worker with postgraduate qualifications
Kurt Viljoen is a stock control officer and works for a company with national interests.
Deidre Visser is a manager with a large national organisation. She has a postgraduate qualification.
Dewald Visser is an advocate in private practice.
Ina Vosloo is a dietitian in private practice with extensive knowledge
Graham Wessels is a hard working young man with a strong sense of duty whose life almost ended

Dr Daan Steyn is qualified in psychology, languages and theology. He completed his internship in
clinical psychology in 1969. After three years as a Research Officer with the Human Sciences
Research Council, he began the first psychotherapeutic practice in Pretoria. Three years later he
began and developed the M-courses in clinical and counselling psychology at the University of
Rhodes, Grahamstown. Later he became Professor and Head of the Department of Clinical
Psychology at Medunsa and Chief Clinical Psychologist at Ga-Rankuwa Hospital. In this period he
visited Britain, the Netherlands and the USA investigating the use of biofeedback techniques and
medical psychology and lectured on the use of the 16PF personality questionnaire in local
communities. After twelve years in academic posts he returned to private practice in the Northern
Cape and in Pretoria. During this time he was also involved in the development of the Alkogen
procedure, specializing in work with
the co-dependants. In 1990 he accepted a post as a Chief Counselling Officer at the then
Department of Manpower and was responsible for the supervision of interns and the in-service
training of Manpower's registered psychologists countrywide. He has also worked as a farm hand,
tram conductor, storeman and clerk.

Theo Verwey is a practising clinical psychologist since 1989. He also received postgraduate
training in physiological psychology. He founded the Alkogen Treatment Network in April 1995. He
has been the program coordinator and clinical psychologist for more than 12 000 patients and their

Timeline of Theo Verwey and NAD Therapy

Theo is the
Founder of NAD Therapy - based on: NAD+ (not on NADH,NADP, NADPH or other NAD+
derivatives or precursors eg. Nicotinamide, niacin.)

1989: Theo started the NAD IV's together with Dr Ockie van Wyk by admitting patients over weekends to hospital and consulting patients for therapy in hospital.

1991: Theo Verwey is the Formulator of first ever oral NAD supplement followed by various NAD related supplements culminating the latest
NutriPYN 90 formula

1993 - Theo Verwey develops NAD Therapy on out patient basis together with psychiatrist Dr Nanno Bakker

1995:Theo founded the Alkogen Treatment Network in April 1995.
1999: Co-author with Dr Daan Steyn of Dreams for Fragile People
2000: Theo Verwey is the Author of NAD and Energy Metabolic Deficiency Related Syndromes
2000: Theo Verwey is the Formulator of the NAD Energy Deficiency blood tests based on available
bio markers (available at national pathological labs)
2002: Theo Verwey is the Author of Wake Up! EMD (Energy Metabolic Deficiency) Sufferers can
Rise and Live!
2003: Theo Verwey is the Author of NAD Therapy, Too Good to be True. Forword by Dr Abram
Hoffer the famous Canadian Psychiatrist and Biochemist
Since 2000: Thousands of NAD Energy Deficiency Energy Blocks were calculated for more than 150
diseases diagnosed by independent health practitioners.
2009: Theo Verwey Formulated the NAD Energy Deficiency blood tests based on Point of Care
finger prick blood tests
2018: Theo Verwey's Latest NAD Therapy formulation - NutriPYN 90 - based on
- practical and clinical experience in a multi-professional treatment setup on an out-patient basis
since 1989
- more than 12 000 patients of all ages
- collaboration and feedback from both local and international health practitioners and grateful
- interpretation and application of thousands of research articles
- thousands of blood test results from pathological laboratories and finger prick blood test
- interpretation and application of thousands of internationally excepted psychometric test results


Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy