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I said to myself: “This man has something. This we can listen to because this is not what the others told me.

In 1991 I met Theo Verwey, who introduced me to his NAD products. After many discussions and ignorance from my side, I started using the NAD.

Within six months I take an oath to myself that I will use the products, regardless of the price, for the rest of my life, as long as it is available from Theo.  I said to myself: “This man has something. This we can listen to because this is not what the others told me. This is something I have not heard before”. The other guys always had a long psychological story. You have to change this and you have to change that and I knew that was not the answer.

He didn't tell me what to do, he told me how to find an answer for myself. He says: "If you are not healthy physically, you will not have sufficient energy to deal with your emotional problems". In other words, if you are physically healthier, you will have more energy to deal with your other problems. This is what I found because before I went on the NAD products and the medication I was only occupied with these headaches and this tension and "not feeling well".

It is not that you become a different person. You become the person you are actually supposed to be. Everything slips into gear. Only then you realise that everything works, everything functions in the right way. You first have to use the medication for a while to become used to the changes. Then you realise: “Gee, this is how it should work and this is the way I should be”. Then it becomes easy for you.

So I have used Theo's different products over the years. Here are some of the benefits:

I've started a new life.

I built my own business.

I traveled our country by motorcycle over the years (more than 900 000km)

Accept the bad times in my life as normal and just continue.

At 45, my sugar was under control (never again struggled with sugar)

Sold my business at age 50 and retired.

I am currently 58 and still enjoying my life. 

Theo's latest product Nutripyn is absolutely phenomenal. The best.

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NAD Therapy

NAD+Phyto 90 Veggie Caps registered as NutriPYN is the new formulation of NAD Therapy all-in-one daily capsule



If you want to experience healthy aging, you need to make sure that you are giving your body the fuel that it needs. 

NAD+Phyto is a comprehensive NAD formula in a single daily supplement.

The NAD+Phyto ingredients are selected on a thorough understanding of their actions and their combined synergistic reactions. The combined effect of each nutrient result in a sum which is synergistically more powerful than the sum of the individual ingredients by themselves. Using pure NAD (not derivatives or precursors) together with the right combination of supporting whole foods in a specific, useful and save amounts, with the long term daily dosage in mind, makes this formulation of NAD+Phyto capsules impeccable when looking at the degree to which each nutrient can be absorbed by the body through out the day. Furthermore was each ingredient particularly targeted to enhance and support the harmonized functions of NAD in each cell.

The formulation of NutriPYN 90 capsules are based on the practical and clinical experience in a multi-professional treatment setup on an out-patient basis since 1989: 

- the experience and feedback of more than 12 000 patients of all ages 

- collaboration and feedback from both local and international health practitioners 

- interpretation and application of thousands of research articles - thousands of blood test results from pathological laboratories and pin prick blood tests 

- interpretation and application of thousands of internationally excepted psychometric test results

  • NAPPI Code 707320-001


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Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy