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If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will - everyone is simply too busy trying to cope.

I was a good sportsman in my younger days but have neglected my body over the past few years. One allows oneself to be overwhelmed so that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. This is when you take anything or do anything that allows you to go on, that gives you energy. It only makes matters worse, because you become more exhausted and you begin to miss judge and what’s good for you.

If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will - everyone is simply too busy trying to cope. The secret is to take care of yourself in such a way that it allows others to also lead a self-respecting life. If everyone looks after himself in this way, everyone will be able to live their lives to the full and derive more satisfaction from it.

The NAD treatment makes a lot of sense to me. To tell you the truth there is more sense in it than in the traditional form of treatment, not that I regard the latter as worthless. Based on my own experience as a doctor and as someone who has undergone both forms of treatment, I can see that this is the treatment of the future. The psychologist spent more time with me individually. He is very open-minded and a very kind person. He listens and he is very patient. He understands how you feel. In the clinic I had group therapy and so on. 

Here it is more a matter of  you talk to him. It is also necessary that you share your life with people who give honest, sincere, positive feedback. He helps one in a constructive way to set limits. “You have moved mountains today, it calls for a break”, is the kind of remark that makes you relax and stimulates the flow of endorphin, because you sense that your contributions are valued. 

I started using the NAD IV and the medication. I immediately felt the difference, or felt that it was really working for me. For instance, mentally I felt numb and exhausted, but after I had taken the NAD I felt more energetic and mentally more alert. But in any event, I have always had confidence in my own abilities and I thought that I would be able to recover on my own. After a while I stopped taking it. I did not take the oral NAD and one day I just started all over again. I had a relapse. That caused problems.


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NAD Therapy

NAD+Phyto 90 Veggie Caps registered as NutriPYN is the new formulation of NAD Therapy all-in-one daily capsule



If you want to experience healthy aging, you need to make sure that you are giving your body the fuel that it needs. 

NAD+Phyto is a comprehensive NAD formula in a single daily supplement.

The NAD+Phyto ingredients are selected on a thorough understanding of their actions and their combined synergistic reactions. The combined effect of each nutrient result in a sum which is synergistically more powerful than the sum of the individual ingredients by themselves. Using pure NAD (not derivatives or precursors) together with the right combination of supporting whole foods in a specific, useful and save amounts, with the long term daily dosage in mind, makes this formulation of NAD+Phyto capsules impeccable when looking at the degree to which each nutrient can be absorbed by the body through out the day. Furthermore was each ingredient particularly targeted to enhance and support the harmonized functions of NAD in each cell.

The formulation of NutriPYN 90 capsules are based on the practical and clinical experience in a multi-professional treatment setup on an out-patient basis since 1989: 

- the experience and feedback of more than 12 000 patients of all ages 

- collaboration and feedback from both local and international health practitioners 

- interpretation and application of thousands of research articles - thousands of blood test results from pathological laboratories and pin prick blood tests 

- interpretation and application of thousands of internationally excepted psychometric test results

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Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy