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My energy levels rises and my cancer markers remain zero.

I'll share some facts about my path as a physician until I started using NAD after I have been found chemically toxic and chemo-resistant with a 44% heart rate fraction due to chemo.

After completing my Community year in Windhoek I became a medical officer at Okakara in Hereroland. The following year I was asked by deputy directors, Dr. Hitzeroth and Dr. Kuschke and the Director of Health, Dr. Oosthuizen, to address the South West Africa's environmental health in accordance with the Alma Ata Declaration of Primary Health under the theme "Health for All in 2000." For the next seven years I've trained 400 nurses across Namibia and write the "Nursing Guide" to serve as a protocol on dealing with common diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases. In this way, I standardize the purchase and control of medication in such a way that Mr. Buys, the former Chief Magistrate of the State Magistracy, declared that, through my actions, he could maintain the same budget for three years without any losses or additional budget requests. I attend International Congresses and fly and drive Namibia through. During the war years my work was considered crucial, by the then Director of Health of the Northern parts of Namibia Dr. Nestor Shivute, for maintaining health care throughout Namibia. 

After independence, I became the private doctor to the president, Dr. Sam Nuyoma's mother and family. Also of: the Minister of Health, Dr. Liberine Amathila, Minister of Finance, Sarah Amadhila-Kuukongelwa, Minister of Education, Nangola Mbumba, and I remained the private doctor of successor President Hifikupunje Pohamba and his family until his election as State President.

I continued to extend my skills in environmental health, occupational health, the treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and eventually my persistent requests to the laboratory to seek a "new" bacterium with the recognition to the great problem of Helicobacter pylori in the Windhoek drinking water and eventually in all water sources of Namibia were acknowledged. 

My research led me to Prof. Bruce Sparks in Johannesburg General Hospital to whom I handed in statistics, covered over a 10-year period with 43,000 cases of Helicobacter pylori, as seen in my practice. I included case studies on "weird" symptoms and the final laboratory tests as positive evidence.

My own tests, including the radioactive urea breath test, proved that over a period of 20 years, I could not get rid of the Helicobacter pylori .

Double Breast Cancer

After my double breast cancer has been diagnosed, research shows that Helicobacter pylori is an infectious agent for breast cancer.

At the age of 60, I got double mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation that lead to cardiac pathology and total immunosuppression with cortisol levels so low that I was diagnosed with pre-addisonian. The oncologist Dr. Georgia Demetrio, with Dr. Carol Benn, my surgeon, gave permission that I may start with alternative treatment, as I could only take one third of the cancer treatment before my health crisis took measurements. 

I received massive doses of intravenous Vit C protocol for seven treatments, with included products such as supplements of Artemisinin, Broccoli, Omega 3, Citric Peel, Carnitine, Glutamine, Ribose, CoQ10 and Magnesium.

Theo's NAD

Family and friends gave advice but God provided. After I've stopped with the Vit C drips my path crossed with NAD. I learned about the work of Theo Verwey from a group of doctors, in a time when my life’s light was only a candle flame with an increasing cancer score. I met Theo through his book "NAD Therapy Too Good to Be True."

I started taking Theo's NAD products and three days later the candle flame becomes a neon light. A year later I start walking  . . . about 11 km in the early hours of the morning in so much as two hours.

So I've started with Theo's NAD products five years ago, after stopping the Vit C Drips and within a few days I experienced renewed energy levels.

Over these five years my heart was restored to an output fraction of 63%.

My cortisol and DHEA level recover from Pre-Addisonian to normal.

My energy levels rises in such a manner that I compare myself again to age 30. The cancer markers remain zero.

Early this year my NAD consultant contacted me  . . .  "you have to get the new Nutripyn capsules.” Soon after I accepted a locum job at Rundu, almost 1600 km from my home . . . and I drive all the way by myself. I am empowered by Nutripyn.

From an incapacitated state to a healthy physician who does recruitment with colleagues, I can with no doubt refer back to the use of Theo's NAD products and his individualized protocols.

Now nothing matters to me anymore. I share the healing power to those who want to hear. 

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NAD Therapy

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The formulation of NutriPYN 90 capsules are based on the practical and clinical experience in a multi-professional treatment setup on an out-patient basis since 1989: 

- the experience and feedback of more than 12 000 patients of all ages 

- collaboration and feedback from both local and international health practitioners 

- interpretation and application of thousands of research articles - thousands of blood test results from pathological laboratories and pin prick blood tests 

- interpretation and application of thousands of internationally excepted psychometric test results

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Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy