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Theo Verwey

"So, how do you become so "knowing"?" This is a question friend and foe like to ask.

My answer is always. I am blessed. I've consulted more than 12 thousand people who know best. They were my teachers, as is every single person I encounter in my life. They are the ones with the willingness to ask questions and to share their stories, stories that save lives. These stories and questions took me beyond believing to the place of knowing. Sometimes it is a child who asks me a question I hadn't considered before. The answer to a father or a spouse is an answer to myself. They are the people who guide me to miraculous discoveries and help me to keep my life on purpose.

Then there are the professional people, the colleagues who participated in the whole process, who took part as fellow human beings.

These people are the real founders of NAD Therapy. People like you and me. They are our family. The miracle makers. 

This is their stories. Their stories are the experiences of reality of intelligent and often sensitive people. The very people who sincerely want to do something for their their fellow man by telling their story so that others may benefit from their experience.

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Ek het 'n merkwaardige omwenteling beleef toe ek met NAD-terapie begin het ná jarelange sielsverlammende energieloosheid toe ek kragteloos voortgeploeter het in die sloot van major depressie ná die dood van ons twee jongste kinders in hul twintigs op 8 Feb

ADHD doesn't define who you are as a person. Yet, people can define who you are - Especially when you are a child. It's people that can make the biggest difference in one’s life - some good, some bad. Of all the challenges I faced during my childhood years

I do not want to bore you with a long written part but just want to mention my own experience with your product. In January 2014, I had tremendous problems with Prostate, greatly enlarged and poor urination. I made an appointment with my doctor who  sugges

One of my patients here in town is a managing director, and because of stress he decided to apply for another position. He was unfortunately unsuccessful. This man is a very dynamic person, but he felt that he did not have the support at work that he neede

I'll share some facts about my path as a physician until I started using NAD after I have been found chemically toxic and chemo-resistant with a 44% heart rate fraction due to chemo. After completing my Community year in Windhoek I became a medical officer

In 1991 I met Theo Verwey, who introduced me to his NAD products. After many discussions and ignorance from my side, I started using the NAD. Within six months I take an oath to myself that I will use the products, regardless of the price, for the rest of
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I was a good sportsman in my younger days but have neglected my body over the past few years. One allows oneself to be overwhelmed so that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. This is when you take anything or do anything that allows you to go on

Most important is the NAD changed my personality completely. Before I started taking the NAD supplement, I went for an aptitude test and a psychometric test with a view to choosing a career. It showed that I am an introvert. Since I started taking the NAD

My marriage ended in divorce about thirteen years ago. I received custody of the children. My life virtually fell apart. I couldn’t get my life together and became depressed. About eight years ago I started seeing the psychologist. Before the time I kept t

I've been taking sleeping tablets for many, many years. Four or five, six years ago I went on a sleeping tablet.  And funny, a specialist warned me about this tablet. He said: "start taking one and you'll go to two and you'll go to three and you'll go to f

 How would I describe the change,? Let me put it this way: I look forward to each new day. I celebrate each new day! I am ready to face a day full of new challenges. I am glad to be alive and I have abundant energy. Today is my birthday and I am celebratin

About eight, nine months ago I was extremely anxious. I could not sleep well. I could not function well while taking an antidepressant. I took tranquilisers. I was on schedule five headache tablets as I suffered from severe headaches. I woke up with a head

Sommige mense is glad nie met hulle ouderdom gemoeid nie. Hulle sal ook maklik sê dat hulle nie weet hoe oud hulle is nie. Hulle het 'n jeugdige uitkyk op die lewe en ook die ooglopende lewenslus van heelwat jonger mense. Ek dink jy kan met veiligheid sê d

Dad recently turned eighty-three. In his time he was a real live wire. He practised as a surgeon and was a keen golfer.  A while ago though, almost from one day to the next, we realised that he had become very forgetful. My dad’s physical condition deteri

Please read English version below Mense wat "verlief" is, stimuleer vir mekaar die afskeiding van endorfiene en dopamien, onder andere. Ons voel so wonderlik in die geliefde se geselskap want hulle ruik so lekker. Daar is pheromone, hormone wat deur die lu

NAD Therapy provides a fantastic benefit to the metabolic process that is the human machine. We are energy burning machines, in our prehistoric days, meant to hunt things down and gather things to eat. So our bodies were designed to produce energy. The cor
NAD Therapy

NAD+Phyto 90 Veggie Caps registered as NutriPYN is the new formulation of NAD Therapy all-in-one daily capsule


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