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In die Huisgenoot van 17 Januarie 2019 word op bl 84 na die ontdekking van NAD as wonderkuur wat veroudering kan omkeer, berig. Die ironie is dat hierdie einste wonderkuur Nikotinamied Adeniene Dinukleotied, in kort NAD, al meer as ‘n kwarteeu in Suid-Afrika beskikbaar en is al reeds deur 12 000 mense gebruik.
Although these overt mitochondrial diseases affect only a small percentage of our population, we wonder to what degree subtle "sub clinical" mitochondrial impairment may be involved in more common complaints. Are overt mitochondrial diseases just the "tip of the iceberg" of a much larger and as yet-unidentified metabolic deficiency?
Since 2000 NAD Levels can be tested at any lab. The Roche's pin prick test are also available at health care practitioners for affordable, accurate and immediate results. Over the years the average NAD levels per disorder were calculated.
I congratulate Theo Verwey and his colleagues for this remarkable advance. I realize that he has made a very complete review of the literature. For instance, not many know about our 1960 studies with oral NAD. This new work with NAD Therapy is very exciting and I think is right on target. The old idea that each deficient vitamin causes one deficiency disease is rapidly being buried in the dust bin of medical history.
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Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine: Prof JP Cleary  Because insulin was discovered in 1922 and niacin in 1937, no one realized the importance of NAD deficiency in diabetes, even though a small group headed by Tom Spies in 1939 published their study of low NAD levels in diabetics. Controlling blood …
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Prof JP Cleary Wisconsin University Now we also have oral NAD tablets available by Alkogen Company in South Africa that will allow long term therapy. Theo Verwey and his clinic physicians have published an e-Book on the use of NAD, and have treated over 3,000 patien…
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Amelia van Jaarsveld Vrouekeur 5 Des 2003 Die NAD Terapie-behandeling het Candice, 'n asmallyer, ook bevoordeel. Sy is 'n toppresteerder wat in kuns, ballet en drama uitblink, maar moes soos goud opgepas word. Selfs 'n verkoue kon haar erg benadeel.  Michale was uitgeput nadat hy in die winter du…
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Sarie 27 Junie 2001 Internasionale navorsing toon dat NAD-tekorte aanleiding gee tot meer as sewentig siektetoestande en sindrome soos allergiee, angsaanvalle, kanker, vigs, Parkinsonisme en Alzheimer-siekte. Die modelinge toediening van NAD begin ook al hoe meer posvat vir die behandeling van onde…
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Beeld 16 November 2006 Voel jy heeltyd lusteloos, sonder energie en moeg vir die lewe? Stres jy maklik en voel jy gereeld depressief? Dalk het jy 'n NAD-tekort. Liezel Joubert het meer gaan uitvind oor die ko-ensiem in die liggaam en hoe dit jou lewe kan beinvloed Laai die volledige berig hier reg…
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Theo Verwey

"So, how do you become so "knowing"?" This is a question friend and foe like to ask.

My answer is always. I am blessed. I've consulted more than 12 thousand people who know best. They were my teachers, as is every single person I encounter in my life. They are the ones with the willingness to ask questions and to share their stories, stories that save lives. These stories and questions took me beyond believing to the place of knowing. Sometimes it is a child who asks me a question I hadn't considered before. The answer to a father or a spouse is an answer to myself. They are the people who guide me to miraculous discoveries and help me to keep my life on purpose.

Then there are the professional people, the colleagues who participated in the whole process, who took part as fellow human beings.

These people are the real founders of NAD Therapy. People like you and me. They are our family. The miracle makers. 

This is their stories. Their stories are the experiences of reality of intelligent and often sensitive people. The very people who sincerely want to do something for their their fellow man by telling their story so that others may benefit from their experience.

NAD Stories
Sommige mense is glad nie met hulle ouderdom gemoeid nie. Hulle sal ook maklik sê dat hulle nie weet hoe oud hulle is nie. Hulle het 'n jeugdige uitkyk op die lewe en ook die ooglopende lewenslus van heelwat jonger mense. Ek dink jy kan met veiligheid sê d 
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Dad recently turned eighty-three. In his time he was a real live wire. He practised as a surgeon and was a keen golfer.  A while ago though, almost from one day to the next, we realised that he had become very forgetful. My dad’s physical condition deteri 
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Please read English version below Mense wat "verlief" is, stimuleer vir mekaar die afskeiding van endorfiene en dopamien, onder andere. Ons voel so wonderlik in die geliefde se geselskap want hulle ruik so lekker. Daar is pheromone, hormone wat deur die lu 
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NAD Therapy provides a fantastic benefit to the metabolic process that is the human machine. We are energy burning machines, in our prehistoric days, meant to hunt things down and gather things to eat. So our bodies were designed to produce energy. The cor 
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Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy