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We first came to focus on what we referred to as NAD Therapy in late 1989. As you may be aware, many of the chronic ailments that human beings suffer from, tend to take root in an energy metabolic deficient cellular environment. For instance: "As the biological techniques for measuring mitochondrial function have become increasingly refined since the 70s, more than a hundred diseases have been identified as having a mitochondrial basis. Although these overt mitochondrial diseases affect only a small percentage of our population, we wonder to what degree subtle "subclinical" mitochondrial impairment may be involved in more common complaints. Are overt mitochondrial diseases just the "tip of the iceberg" of a much larger and as yet-unidentified metabolic deficiency? 

The vast majority (90%) of the energy needs of the human body are met by mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Oxidative phosphorylation is a highly refined and efficient system for producing the prodigious amounts of energy that are required to maintain the structure and function of the body, and regulate body temperature in warm blooded animals. Oxidative phosphorylation takes place entirely in mitochondria (tiny cellular organelles that closely resemble bacteria in both size and structure)."

When cells are exposed to a NAD deficient environment, their structure change or they simply die and are disposed of by the body.

One of the most important aspects to note about NAD Therapy is the sheer breadth of its application. It is useful and valuable for so many different symptoms and health issues. A good way to understand NAD Therapy is to consider two of the examples and possible applications that have guided its development.

These two examples share features that are so basic that they are easy to overlook...

Read more in the new edition (2018) of NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True? Theo Verwey's updated book is soon available on digital format. Also, included in this digital application are the NAD Calculator, the ingredients in Theo Verwey’s latest formulated NAD capsules and latest diseases associated with a NAD deficiency.

Psychological treatment in the context of the new paradigm is inevitably interesting to psychologists.

Exclusive for registered psychologists are the psychological markers of low energy levels plus automated 16 Personality Test reports; including statistical correlations with clinical profiles and career profiles, added into the 2018 edition.

Another added bonus to the 2018 edition is Dreams for Fragile People: Theo Verwey and Prof. Daan Steyn 

Dreams for Fragile People is a 455, A4 pages book that can be viewed as The Basis of NAD Therapy (The beginning of NAD Therapy 1989 with the successful application of NAD IV in an outpatient clinical setup)

It is a storybook: there are stories of real people. The solutions to the problems of life they have found are also discussed. The stories have been published, as told, with as little editing as possible to give a true reflection of the people who told the story.

“Through these conversations with patients and professionals, it was realized that we are dealing with a new approach to treatment which is comprehensively different. There is, for example, an emphasis on the more natural, biochemical treatment of, not 'the problem', but the fundamentals of behaviour and also of the whole person. This has many small implications which ultimately represent a paradigm shift.”

Professional Perspectives

Ecological Perspective

Medical Perspective

Nursing Perspective

Dietary Perspective

Psychological Perspective

Behavioural Genetic Perspective

Legal Perspective

Journalistic Perspective

Social Work Perspective

Theological Perspective

Dreams for Fragile People is based on two concepts. The one is that the method of treatment used at Alkogen should be understood within the context of a new paradigm, that is, within a new, comprehensive or ecologically complete way of interpreting that which is perceived and experienced. The other is exactly the opposite - That is: the traditional methods of treatment are often part of an incomplete and fragmented view of man which is rapidly becoming old fashioned in the natural and the social sciences, including medicine, psychology and theology.

Dreams for Fragile People is, therefore, not a book that can simply be picked up and read through. One should rather open it every day and find an interesting piece to read. This is a multidimensional book. We regard it as a workbook or a collection of experiences and points of view which may be read on various levels.

In a real sense, Dreams for Fragile People is a practical workbook. By using the index, themes such as, aggression, burnout, co-dependency, energy, faith, guilt, happiness, love, loneliness, sex, et cetera, can be looked up. Not only theories, but also practical tips, are given. It is our hope that Dreams for Fragile People will be a starting point for further discussions and that it will be used as a framework for discussions, also in psychotherapeutic groups, and chats between people.

Dreams for Fragile People is also a reference book. 

Dreams for Fragile People is not a recipe book.  It has also become a book about our people today.

©Theo Verwey 2018


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NAD Therapy

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Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy