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I became interested in the NADNADH pyridine nucleotide cycle,  in the early 1950's after we had demonstrated that vitamin B3, one of the main precursors of this system tripled the recovery rates of acute schizophrenic patients compared to a placebo. The pure vitamins are the natural precursors in the body of the pyridine nucleotide cycle. Either niacinamide or niacin yielded the same beneficial results. This conclusion was based upon the first prospective double blind randomized controlled therapeutic trials in psychiatry in world psychiatry, we completed between 1952 and 1960. But it was not possible to obtain any NAD to be used in therapeutic trials until around 1960 when I was given an NAD prepared in a medium designed to bypass the destructive processes in the stomach. In order to become familiar with its potential therapeutic effect I began to treat a small number of my patients at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. Some of these were already responding to larger doses of vitamin B3 and some had not yet been started on treatment. I gave them 1 gram capsules once daily. To my astonishment and delight there were almost an immediate response and patients who would ordinarily take 3 to 6 months to shows an adequate response to vitamin B3 were responding on NAD in days and weeks

One of the more chronic patients was a patient I had transferred to my ward from a mental hospital where she had been treated for many years with no success. I did not think she would respond but after 7 days or so she was very much better and after a few weeks she was well enough to be discharged. The psychiatrist who had been treating her in the mental hospital saw her under my care and he was also very surprised. It appeared clear that NAD was doing something when properly prepared. But I could not continue the studies because the company that was providing it discontinued their studies. I then went through a most terrible period because my supplies of NAD ran out and I had to deal with my patients who had done so well relapse back into their original disease. My patient we had discharged into the community had to be re-admitted, had to be returned to the mental hospital where she died several years later. She had not responded to vitamin B3 but had to NAD.

A couple of half-hearted short term therapeutic trials were conducted in the United States using a different preparation which could not bypass the stomach and using chronic deteriorated patients of the type resident in mental hospitals in those days up to 30 years and more and these investigators saw no response. When I tried to use pure NAD given as a powder, I saw no response. Dr. N Kline at Rockland State Hospital in New York used our test, the HOD test for before and after evaluation I saw the scores before and after and there was a response but he ignored the results of that test. After that I was no longer able to obtain any NAD and continued with our vitamin B3 studies which eventually became known as orthomolecular psychiatry and medicine.

This new work with NAD Therapy is very exciting and I think is right on target. It is indeed an NAD Energy Deficiency (NED) because in the absence of this coenzyme cycle almost all the reactions in the body run down. Energy is indeed essential not only to drive our muscles but to digest our food, even to think and to feel. But we will have to rid ourselves of the old vitamin-as-prevention concept which was so useful in helping us isolate the synthesis of the vitamins. The old idea that each deficient vitamin causes one deficiency disease is rapidly being buried in the dust bin of medical history.

If one looks at pellagra, for example, the symptoms are so wide ranging and pervasive that it was a very difficult diagnosis to make until pure niacin became available. In the Southern United States of America where pellagra was endemic the test was to give their patients in their mental hospitals this new vitamin. If they recovered in a matter of weeks, they were diagnosed as pellagra. If they did not, they remained schizophrenic. A single metabolic error or deficiency can cause an amazing variety of conditions depending on many factors for which we have no explanation. 

Multiplicity of symptoms and large differential diagnosis does not mean that the condition is not caused by a single deficiency and this has to be identified. The old paradigm is being replaced by the new one the vitamin-as-treatment paradigm. NED is pervasive around the world and will become much more prevalent.

I congratulate Theo Verwey and his colleagues for this remarkable advance in using this concept and in using a simple test, the ratio of pyruvate to lactate as a diagnostic measure, to indicate the dose, duration of treatment etc. I realize that he has made a very complete review of the literature. For instance, not many know about our 1960 studies with oral NAD.

When the clinical founded Energy Values based on the lactate and pyruvate blood tests and the NAD Therapy protocols outlined in the E-book NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True? are empirically confirmed there will be an enormous change in modern psychiatry. It will mark the retirement of the present psychiatric paradigm which can be best described as a system which uses' descriptive diagnostic terms which have no causal or treatment relevance.

The new system will depend upon laboratory tests to determine where the error in the metabolism of the body lies and will indicate which nutrients should be used to correct that error. Psychiatry has always been forced to deal with and to treat diseases for which there has been no known cause and for whom there has been no adequate treatment. Thus, in 1900 the differential diagnoses of the major psychoses included dementia praecox, scurvy, pellagra and tertiary syphilis of the brain. But as soon as the cause and the correct treatment were discovered, these diseases were removed from the field of psychiatry and taken over by general medicine. The finding that vitamin B3 cured pellagra eradicated this disease in most high technical societies. The same for scurvy. Penicillin removed the syphilis patients from psychiatric care. Dementia praecox remained and was renamed schizophrenia. This has still remained the province of the psychiatrists but with the work described in this book and so much other work shows that schizophrenia will also be taken over by the rest of medicine. The newer work on the important role on the essential fatty acids, omega three especially lead by Dr. David Horrobin, the work we did over so many years with the megavitamin approach make this prophecy a certainty. Megavitamins are coming into their own. A recent report by DB Ames shows that the 50 genetic diseases that require megavitamin therapy comprise only a small proportion of the total that will eventually be recognized and properly treated. Diagnosis will become more secure not only to indicate the presence of absence of schizophrenia but to indicate what the treatment ought to be. The recent topical niacin test for schizophrenia developed by Dr. David Horrobin will clear up the confusion between the psychoses and the other psychoses but in the end the use of laboratory markers may remove the need for the clinical diagnosis. Thus we found that the urine test for krytopyrole, further developed by Dr. CC Pfeiffer, selected those patients with uniform biochemistry and improved response to treatment no matter what they were called clinically. Psychological diagnosis may become a pleasant diversion but will eventually be of little interest in the same way that serologic test for syphilis is much more important than the extensive clinical descriptions of this disease in vogue before these tests were developed.

I have given a lot of attention to the schizophrenias because I think this condition presents us with a very good example of what will happen with all of the NED conditions. And the NADNADH system, plays a major role in the genesis and in the treatment of schizophrenia.

For these reasons I consider the information in the E-book: NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True? so valuable and important and I fully expect to see the corroboration of this work world wide once it becomes known to the medical profession and even more when the general public of sick people and their families hear about it.

Dr Abram Hoffer


Victoria, British Columbia

April 2002

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Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy