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Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine: Prof JP Cleary 

Because insulin was discovered in 1922 and niacin in 1937, no one realized the importance of NAD deficiency in diabetes, even though a small group headed by Tom Spies in 1939 published their study of low NAD levels in diabetics. Controlling blood sugar will not prevent the progress of the disease diabetes since it is really a subclinical form of pellagra.

In diabetes, glucose metabolism via the Krebs cycle is impaired, and this leads to reduced cellular energy and elevated blood sugar levels. When a cell is damaged by oxidation injury, cytosol NAD levels fall and ATP levels decrease. If the DNA strand breaks can be repaired, and the cell regains lost NAD, the energy system can function again, but frequently cell death ensues. 

The reason antidiabetic agents work is that they mimic the action of NAD which is very low in diabetes, causing a release of insulin from the beta cells, but they do not restore function of the mitochondrial Krebs cycle as NAD does, they do not cure this problem. 

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Low NAD levels in diabetics

Low NAD levels in diabetics

Theo Verwey The Founder of NAD Therapy